Should I use search ads to launch a new product? | Story time Episode 3

Should I use search ads to launch a new product? | Story time Episode 3

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Written by: Kim Voon
Here's episode 3 of the Story Time series with Kim! Kim talks about whether search ads should be part of your digital strategy when launching a new product.



Video Transcript


You guys know the feeling when you are launching a new product or a service for the company that you work for? You get really excited, right?

There are a ton of new possibilities happening. And you want to make sure that you smash it out of the park. You want to do well for yourself as well as for the business. And that's what a friend of mine, Donna, came to ask me about the other day.

Essentially, her situation was, she said, "Hey, Kim, we are launching a new product line." It's gonna be amazing. And it's brand new. It solves a problem that has not been tackled before, all right. How can search help? How should we do digital? How can we do this thing?

And it kind of pains me as the owner of a search engine to say something like this, but search probably not the first place I would look in terms of your digital media spend when you're launching a brand new product that, essentially, has no demand yet, where you have to generate the demand.


What's the core of the issue?


So the core issue here is that if you are launching something new, something that does not exist yet, all right, there will be no one searching for it.

If we think about the nature of search, it is largely a bunch of people out there that are searching for things that they know about, that they know exist, brands that they like, questions that they want to know about.

And so Donna's issue will be that if we launch search campaigns, there will be very little engagement. Or if we target an extremely wide search audience to get out, they'll be very expensive. It won't be very relevant. It kind of runs contrary to all the rules of how you run a Google Ads campaign.


What would we suggest?


So what can she do? Well, I've had a bit of a think about this because I want to help if I can. I said to Donna, There are maybe three things you should start thinking about. The first is, maybe you can to some regard... She has a strong brand behind her. It's a national brand. "Leverage the existing brand to introduce the new product," all right? And specifically, what that means is you'll show ads for the new product whenever people search the brand.

Okay, that's one way you could go down. You're essentially leveraging your brand equity that people already know. And you're introducing new product, and the ad copy speaks to that. And you drop them onto a landing page that talks about the benefits of this wonderful new product line.

Now, the second thing you might be able to do, and you've got to be a bit careful of this, but give it a try, is you start turning up for searches for the problem that you solve. So the best example that I can think of of off the top of my head is if you've just invented dehumidifiers and you start turning up for searches like dealing with condensation in the home or removing humidity from the home or drying humidity from the home, that can be a good way to do about it.

That can be a good way to go about it. You just have to be careful not to cast in it too broadly and that you're searching for, really, that you're turning up for the specific problem that you're solving.

And the third thing you can do, honestly, is I'm not sure, look to other media options, radio, TV, social, generating a lot of buzz in social, talking about the problem and how you guys are solving it with the new product, generating audiences and email lists that you can then kind of remarket to, send email newsletters out to informing people.

Essentially, you have to build the demand in the search market. And then, six months, a year down the line, sure, your search campaigns will be great. They'll kind of go really well.


Final Thoughts


I was a bit sad that I couldn't help Donna right off the bat. I mean, we set up a few campaigns for her. We did those things that we just talked about. We set them up against problems that you solve and against the brand but not very big budget campaigns.

But she did awesomely. Three months down the line, she did so well. She essentially built up... She essentially built that demand. She sent out a whole bunch of campaigns, email campaigns to their national email list talking about the problem that the product line was solving, and then we took those lists a few months down the line and turned them into remarketing audiences.

And she ended up doing really, really well. So I was stoked. I was stoked that this happened even though, primarily, it wasn't anything to do with search at all.

So yeah, thanks guys. If there's anything else you want to add or any comments, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks.


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