Digital Marketing Tip #2 | Google Display Ads

Digital Marketing Tip #2 | Google Display Ads

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Written by: Kim Voon

Are your Google Display Ads not running as successfully as you'd like? Here's a recommendation from Kim on how to optimize your Display Ads currently running. For more tips, download our Digital Marketing eBook below!


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Hey it's Kim again from Insight Online, sharing with you another tip, tip number 8. This one is if you're running display campaigns through Google Ads for search.

Display campaigns have a ton of targeting options, the best one is in-market audiences. These are people that Google believes are in the market for the product or service categories that they have there. So if you are running some display, I highly highly recommend you try this channel. For us, it out-performs every other targeting option.

If you'd like to learn more head over to and download our eBook, or click on the link below. Thanks!


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