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Digital Marketing Tip #2 | Google Display Ads

SEM, SEM/Paid Search, Google Ads

Are your Google Display Ads not running as successfully as you'd like? Here's a recommendation from Kim on how to optimize your Display Ads currently running. For more tips, download our Digital Marketing eBook below!

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By: Kim Voon |

Digital Marketing Tip #1 | Google Search Ads

SEM, SEM/Paid Search, Google Ads

Trying to wrap your head around Google Search Ads? Here's a quick tip from Kim on how to manage them and use it successfully. Download our Digital Marketing Guide eBook for more!

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By: Kim Voon |

What is Google Ads?

SEM, SEM/Paid Search, Google Ads

'I think we should do Google Ads''Whats Google Ads?''...'OK so it's not as bad these days as it was a few years back but, quite often, we do get asked by marketing managers to help them explain Google Ads to people that aren't familiar with the digital space.

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By: Jody Lane |

Google Display Strategy | Advice, Hints & Tips

SEM, SEM/Paid Search, Google Adwords

Get the latest on how we think about and use Google Display. What are the strengths and weaknesses? Any advice on strategy? These are our own thoughts after using the channel for a decade or so.

It is also (handily) an excerpt from our eBook. I don't want you to download something you're never going to read. So if you like what we're saying and you want a little more help on the other Google

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By: James Gunson |
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